4th May 2020

Posted by on May 4, 2020

Hello Wellfield Family,

I have thoroughly enjoyed checking in with some of you over SeeSaw during the past week, and getting an insight into all of the fun things you have been up to. I know that we are all struggling, and that this is a difficult time, so it is important for you all to remember, you are not alone, we are all in this together. That’s what our school family is all about. I also know, through many conversations with the adults across school that we are all missing you dearly, and think of you all daily. I understand that it can be difficult to stay positive, and that negative things seem to jump out, and become tough to ignore. Positive aspects of our lives tend to play hide and seek with us, they’re not always as loud and in our face, but I can promise you, they’re there. With all of that in mind, I’d like to set a challenge, let’s find those positives this week, let’s pay them some attention, and like a beautiful plant, those positives shall grow the more we nourish and notice them.

thoughts are a garden

I have included some templates below for ways that you can record these positive findings, aspects and thoughts, or if you have your own idea, please do use it, as I know you are all incredibly creative. Feel free to share them with your class adults, as I’m sure it would brighten their day, or mark it for attention of me and e-mail it across to the school e-mail, I’d love to see.

For now, take care, look for the positives, and keep smiling,

Miss Ridley




daily reflection

This is a great example from Grit Mindset, go and take a look.

I am thankful for

Another brilliant example from Heart and Gratitude

thankful for weekly

This is a great one for the doodlers from The Artisan Life