15th June 2020

Posted by on June 16, 2020

Good afternoon Wellfield family,

I hope you’re all doing well, and remembering just how very much all of the adults at school are missing you.

With there still not being an awful lot to do outdoors, I wanted to talk about one of the things that we can do that can make us feel better. Going for a walk, breathing in the fresh air, and getting your body moving is brilliant for your wellbeing. Despite knowing this, I’ve found that if we have had a busy day at home with grown-up work, and have been working hard all day with my daughter’s school work, our daily walk can be a bit of a rush and a faff, and can often feel like the last thing we all want to do. I know that through conversations over the phone with some of you, that I’m not the only one, and lots of us feel that way after a day of pushing our brains to their limit.

Some people love to wake up early, and take themselves straight out for an early morning walk, to clear their mind, and get some fresh air, which is fantastic, but I know that not all of us feel that way, I know that sometimes it can feel like a lot of effort.

That effort is worth it, I promise you. As much as you may be incredibly comfy and cosy in those pyjamas, and not feel like going out, it’s important that you do. I can guarantee, without fail, it will make you feel better than you did before.

Walking is a brilliant time to practise mindfulness too, which is really the focus of today’s post. Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, about noticing the beauty around you. Not overthinking something that’s already happened and cannot be changed. Not worrying about something that hasn’t even happened yet (and may not ever happen, may I add)- just being present, enjoying the right now. Practising mindfulness decreases stress in our bodies, and increases the ability to just feel happy. Happy in the moment.

This link on Positive Psychology has plenty of ways to practise mindfulness, some of my favourites include ‘the mindful jar’, and using a ‘texture bag’.

Whilst taking a walk is such a huge part of our daily lives right now, I’d like you to see if you can practise mindfulness during your daily walk. Have a listen to this video, and give it a go (if you want to do it outdoors, I’d recommend being seated somewhere safe, rather than whilst walking to ensure you’re aware of your surroundings around roads etc). During your walk, you can also practise mindfulness by using grounding techniques. This means using all 5 of your senses, to really notice the beauty in what is going on around you, to bring you back into the right now, and relieve any worries or stressors. Think about what you can hear, taste, smell, see and touch. Notice these 5 things each time you’re out walking, and notice how much calmer you feel.

I’ve attached some more ideas below to help you practise mindfulness this week (of course with some mindfulness colouring- which you all know is my absolute favourite).

Take care and find the joy in each moment,

Miss Ridley

Twinkl has loads of brilliant mindfulness pictures to colour.

Big Life Journal has provided instructions for a mindful jar.

This activity sheet is perfect for reminding you what you

should do to ground yourself.