Special Educational Needs

At Wellfield Junior School we aim to create a curriculum and environment in which all children, including those with additional educational needs, can develop physically, intellectually and emotionally. This is at a pace which is suited to their individual needs and where all children have equal opportunity to access the curriculum in order to realise their full potential.

The school does not admit or discriminate against the admission of pupils on the grounds of special education need where their learning difficulty, disability or gift can be catered for within the mainstream setting.

The school does have special arrangements for access to the building by disabled persons.

Trafford Family Information Service have produced videos in partnership with Aside Productions explaining what the SEND Local Offer isand how it can support and empower children and young people with SEND and their families. A link to the video ia below:

General Video – features local children and young people of all ages using a variety of services.It offers an introduction to Trafford’s Local Offer and how to access it.