Name Category Appointed By Term of Office Committees
Antony Dutton Headteacher Governors from 01/01/15 All Committees
Rex Beech
Co-opted Governors 11/07/16 – 10/07/20 Finance & Services
Staffing Standards
Lisanne Beetson Co-opted Governors 0 7/11/16 – 06/11/20 Staffing Standards
Tom Cusack Co-opted Governors 13/07/15 – 12/07/19 Finance & Services
Liz Lavelle – Chair
Co-opted Governors 10/03/15 – 09/07/18 Staffing & Standards
James McShane Co-opted Governors 12/03/18 – 11/03/22 Finance & Services
Lindsay Howard Parent Parents 03/12/15 – 02/12/19 Staffing Standards
Andrew Wood – Vice Chair
(Acting Chair)
Parent Parents 22/06/17 – 21/06/21 Staffing & Standards
Sharon Alderson
Parent Parents 11/04/19 – 10/04/23
Sarah Nesbitt Associate Governors 07/11/16 – 06/11/20 Finance & Services
Staffing & Standards
No voting rights
Wendi Swan Staff Governors 03/09/15 – 02/09/19 Finance & Services
Staffing & Standards
Trafford Governor
Clerk LA 01/09/14 – 31/08/18

Register of Governors Interests


Governor Business Interest Other Orgs. Governed Relationships
Antony Dutton None None None 11/2017
Rex Beech Tree Surgery Brentwood School None 11/2017
Lisanne Beetson None None None 11/2017
Tom Cusack None None None 11/2017
Liz Lavelle None None None 11/2017
James McShane
None None None 03/2018
Lindsay Howard None None None 11/2017
Wendi Swan None None None 09/2015
Sharon Alderson
None None None 04/2019
Sarah Nesbitt None None None 11/2017
Andrew Wood None None Wife – Teaching Assistant 11/2017


Liz Lavelle

Liz Lavelle

Rex Beech

Rex Beech


Antony Dutton

Lisanne Beetson

Lisanne Beetson

J Ransome

Janet Ransome

Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood

Governors Meetings Attendances 2017-18

Our Governors

The governing body of Wellfield Junior School has developed into a strong, active group of people committed to supporting the school to be the best it can be. Governors regularly attend training courses run by Trafford Governor Services, and one governor is a member of the local authority funding forum. Governors’ terms of office run for four years from the date of appointment and it is a voluntary role.

Our governors have responsibility for many different areas, such as finance, staffing, curriculum and achievement. They review and approve new policies, receive reports on different aspects of school life, review pupil progress and attainment, set and approve an annual budget to name but a few. Governors have attended parents meetings, conducted visits to school to see lessons and meet staff and children, as well as supported the school in a host of different ways. Far from being a “rubber stamping” body, the governors have the role of a “critical friend”, offering a range of skills and insights, reflections and challenges to the school, with the aim of ensuring it is led and managed well and fulfils its statutory roles.

Ofsted’s view: The governance of the school:

“The governing body has a comprehensive understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses and is fully involved in driving improvement. It ensures safeguarding requirements are met so that pupils are safe. Governors take part in a wide range of relevant training to maintain their effectiveness. The budget is managed efficiently. Governors hold the school to account for the way the funding for pupils supported by the pupil premium is used to raise their achievement. They have an accurate view of the quality of teaching. Governors know how leaders check how well staff are doing to improve their expertise, reward good teaching and tackle any underperformance.” (January 2014)

At Wellfield Junior School, much of the work of the governors is divided between two committees, the Staffing and Standards committee and the Finance and Services committee. These meet at least termly, usually a few weeks before each of the Full Governing Body meetings.

At Wellfield Juniors the Governing body is comprised of 12 governors:

  • 6 co-opted governors
  • 1 local authority governor
  • 3 parent governors
  • 1 headteacher
  • 1 staff governor

In addition, the governors have appointed an associate governor, Mrs S Nesbitt (Deputy Head) who attends meetings but cannot vote.