Year 6

Teaching Team

Teachers: Mr N Hilton and Miss K Jones

Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Wood

Teachers News

** Messages from our lovely Year 6 Venus and Mercury class children, as they move onto their next exciting chapter**


Year 6 Home Learning

Seesaw Parent Guide

How to set up a Seesaw account for more than one child

Online Support for Primary School Children Mental Wellbeing

Wellfield Boredom Busters from the School Council

Week Commencing 13.07.20

Y6 Home Learning week commencing 1307202

Shadows investigton shadow model

L16 Can I work logically (1)

L14 Problem of Inheritance

L14 Inheritance investigation

L 17 Have I still got the skills

L 16 Einsteins_riddle

L 15 why is that v magic

Week Commencing 06.07.20

Year 6 Home Learning tasks

Science Shadows investigton

History map 2

History map 1

History How is our land used through time

Art One Point Perspective

Week Commencing 29.06.20

Y6 Home Learning Monday 29 June

Year 6 – Local History lesson 2 (1)

Science Types-of-Forces-PowerPoint

Science 2. Mirrors

L8 skills (1 star) expert (2 star) and pro (3star)

L8 Can I find the nth term home learning

L7 linear equations skills

L7 linear equations expert and pro

L7 Challenge questions

L7 Can I solve linear equations

L6 worksheets Greater Depth VF

L6 worksheets Greater Depth RPS

L6 expert skills (1)

L6 Can I Form Expressions

City of Silence poem

The Magical Door poem

Lesson 4 Carnivorous Plants (1)

Lesson 3 The Black Hole

Lesson 2 Magical Doors (1)

Lesson 1 City of Silence

Week Commencing 22.06.20

Y6 Home Learning tasks wc 22.6.20

Science lesson wc 22.6.20

PSHE Class of 2020 Transition Booklet wc 22.6.20

Maths lessons 1 2 3 4 tasks wc 22.6.20

Maths lesson 4 substituting values wc 22.6.20

Maths lesson 3 Algebra making an algebraic expression wc 22.6.20

Maths lesson 2 Algebra find a two step rule wc 22.6.20

Maths lesson 1 Algebra find a one step rule wc 22.6.20

Local History lesson wc 22.6.20

Literacy lesson The Black Hole wc 22.6.20

Bonus Science task wc 22.6.20

Bonus Science task ANSWERS wc 22.6.20

Art lesson wc 22.6.20

Week Commencing 08.06.20

Y6 Home Learning Wednesday 10th June

Y6 Literacy and Science Home Learning Tasks 10.06.20

Pie charts 2020

Pie Charts Reasoning Problem Solving Developing Expected and Greater Depth

Pie Charts Varied Fluency Developing Expected and Greater Depth

Line Graphs

Fraction decimal and percentage jigsaw

FDP equivalence

Consecutive number challenge

Week 6

Year 6 timetable week commencing 18.05.2020

Foundation Subjects Week commencing 18.05.2020

Hydration Powerpoint and Quiz

Week 5 

Y6 Timetable week commencing 11.05.2020

Year 5 and 6 Word List


Multiplication Mosaic and Mystery Times Tables Activities

Key maths facts to revise

Foundation Subjects week commencing 11.05.2020

Animal Sleep Questions

Week 4

Year 6 timetable week commencing 04.05.2020

Foundation Subjects Week Commencing 04.05.2020

Week 3

Year 6 timetable week commencing 27.04.2020

Amendment to Year 6 timetable week commencing 27.04.2020

Foundation Subjects Week commencing 27.04.2020

Blank room

Sundial Instructions



True False Sleep Questions and Answers

Week 2

Year 6 Timetable Week Commencing 20.4.2020

Spellings Summer 1

Year 5 and 6 Word List

Foundation Subjects Week Commencing 20.04.2020


Week 1

Gallery of children’s work and activities (click on small images to see larger view)